Mothers Day & Wine Bars

OK, so it’s been a bit slow on here over the past few weeks; sorry about that. The plans for the wine bar launch are coming along, although I can’t believe how long it has taken to get the lease sorted (current status: all agreed but still not signed). Just so you know that some stuff has been happening, here is the first public view of The Grape Escape logo:

The Grape Escape logo

Mark at Cheltenham Graphic Design has done a great job and we absolutely love our new identity. We are currently working with the brilliant team at MRV Interiors, based locally in Evesham, to develop the interior and the work we have seen to do has got us very excited indeed. Once the lease has been signed I will let you know the location and if everything goes according to plan we hope to open on Saturday 25th April.

As well as the design work we have almost completed the menus – a core list of about 120 bottles under £50 and a ‘reserve’ list that reads like I’ve gone straight to wine heaven. We are talking to lots of local businesses about sourcing cheese, charcuterie and cakes (yes cakes!) as well as nice posh toiletries for the nice posh loos!

Finally, we have been working with the fabulous LJ at Ivy PR to get news of the wine bar out there and I have been writing articles for some local newspapers and magazines, the first of which has been published today on Cotswold Style’s website.

This Sunday is time to spoil your Mum and I’ve made some recommendations that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration no matter what you’re choosing to cook for Mum on Sunday:

I will keep you posted with updates, until the next one have a wonderful #WineWednesday!



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