Do the numbers add up?

Ok, it’s time for some true geekiness.

I’ve been updating the tasting notes section on the site into a much easier to navigate format – someday I’ll get around to building a proper database, but I don’t think Cellartracker has too much to worry about for the time being! There are now getting close to 150 tasting notes and it got me thinking about scores, prices and value for money…

… So the spreadsheet came out to play! I only used bottles I have bought from retail outlets in these calculations so the very pricy Burgundies and Clarets from top notch tastings haven’t upped the average price or (in most cases) the scores.

In the first 6 months of the site the average score I have given a wine is 89.3. I thought this would be a touch lower but I think it does demonstrate what great quality wine we are privileged to enjoy in this day and age. The average price was also higher than expected at £19.43, but perhaps not surprising given my Burgundy habit!

Then I got really geeky and looked at red versus white:

Red Wine – average score 89.6, average price £21.38 (naughty Burgundy!)
White Wine – average score 88.9, average price £16.03

And I didn’t stop there, I looked at the averages by country to determine the best value for money regions. I won’t bore you with all of the detail but the winners for me were Aussie Reds at 90.75 with an average price of £12.60, and Italian whites at 89.33 and £11.36.

I hoped I’ve lived up to my name and assure you I will be looking at this closely in the future!

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