A great Good Friday

Aren’t Bank Holidays great? Good Friday may be the best of all – you don’t have to go to work today or tomorrow! I have to admit that quite often I do very little on a bank holiday and then spend the following days thinking “if only”. Today I decided it would not be the case this time around, so here’s my 3 step guide to a great day off.

Step 1

Get a haircut. The afro was getting a bit out of hand so £7 at Tony’s was my bargain start to the day off. Only three months to go until the next visit!


Step 2

Make the most of the Easter supermarket deals. I mentioned this in the newsletter this week, but to me the Waitrose 25% off fine wine promo is not to be sniffed at and not to be missed. After stopping for a nice bit of brekkie at Coco in Croxley Green, I headed to pick up some great deals:

Joseph Drouhin Chorey les Beaune £11.99 from £15.99
Felsner Moosburgerin Gruner Veltliner £8.59 from £11.49
Brazin Old Vine Lodi Zinfandel £9.74 from £12.99
The Hedonist Shiraz £9.74 from £12.99
Oddero Barolo £17.99 was £23.99
Vouvray Clos des Nouys £10.99 – wasn’t on promo but hey ho!


Step 3

Go to the Tapa Room for an early dinner. I love the casual and sharing nature of the Tapa Room on Marylebone High Street. I also love how every dish sounds like there might be 3 ingredients too many but when each dish arrives the balance is perfect. Me and The Fish enjoyed a fair few dishes including:

Onion & kohlrabi bhaji
Pear, onion and Stilton tart
Paprika spiced squid
Scallops with chilli sauce
Duck rillettes
Lamb spring rolls
Beef brisket “pizza”

It was all fabulous. And even better was a bottle of Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir 2009… If anyone knows where I can buy a case please let me know!


I hope your Good Friday was a Great Friday too!

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  1. On your recommendation we tried the Felsner Moosburgerin Gruner Veltliner last night and loved it – crisp, well balanced and, well, different (in a good way!). We’ll definitely be going back for more!

    And we have the Joseph Drouhin Chorey les Beaune lined up for Sunday….


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