Bringing tears to my eyes

The last article was about when wine isn’t important. Well this one is about when it really bloody is! I love Friday evening – it’s one of my very favourite times of the week; and what I really look forward to is opening a good bottle of wine. My Friday night wine is usually a good wine, often an expensive one (note: the two don’t always go hand in hand!). I will start thinking about which wine to open on Friday night from about Wednesday (I’m thinking a 2002 Volnay for this week!). So its a big thing for me…

… So imagine how I feel when the wine doesn’t deliver. All of the anticipation crushed in a single mouthful. And do you know what makes it worse? When the aromas of the wine are so enticing, so welcoming, so inspiring. Then you tip the glass and prepare yourself for a pure pleasure sensation… And nothing. Thin. Astringent. Out of balance. It makes me want to weep! It doesn’t happen that often, mercifully, but it happened to me twice over the Bank Holiday weekend. I was not a happy bunny…

Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains Estate 2007, Napa Valley, USA (The Wine Society £32.00)
This is the second wine from Ridge, one of the most famous and renowned wineries in Napa. Amazing aromas of blackcurrant and black plums backed up with some cigar smoke and a minty freshness. The sweet black fruit is supported with a hint of red currant and nicely judged oak… But there’s something lacking, its not quite together. The finish is very dry and I’m just disappointed. I was expecting so much more. 87 points

Les Caves de la Colombe Meursault 2008, Burgundy, France (M&S £28.00)
I bought this when M&S were running their 25% off promo (I paid £22.40) and was really looking forward to it… This is the smell of white wine on the Cote de Beaune – it smells of the village of Meursault, and that smell is hot buttered toast! Unfortunately its not backed up with any fruit on the palate and just leaves me feeling flat. Where is the peach and apple flavours I expect and the label promised. Very frustrating. I think I’ll go back to the M&S Chassange Montrachet! 85 points

Oh well… Lets hope the Volnay works out!

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  1. Zoe Williams

    Slightly different to my experience …. Opening the fridge and realising marks eaten all the chocolate

    … Need to party more

    Are you joining for KKs do

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Maxine Sissons

    Hello you!

    And belated Happy Anniversary for your first (of many) six months :o)

    Couldn’t read your post below without the relevant accent for the ‘Volnay’!!

    Look forward to seeing you and the Fish soon



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