Eurovision coping mechanism

The Fish loves the Eurovision Song Contest. Her favourite band is A-ha. Yes, I knew this before we got married. Our first date fell through because she was seeing them at Wembley. She bought me an A-ha lighter. In fact she bought me two… Just incase I lost one! Anyway she loves the bloody thing! It’s the one night where I let her watch what she wants on the big TV… But I need a coping mechanism.

My favourites were Greece (four football referees and their Dad dancing along to Madness) and Finland (it was catchy and had nothing to do with the kissing girls!). But my real favourite was the wine. I needed something special so I went to Bordeaux. I went to highish-end Bordeaux with a 3rd growth Margaux; Cantenac Brown. 2004 wasn’t a spectacular vintage, but it produced a good crop so there’s plenty of it around, and it seems to be approachable fairly early. The Cantenac Brown 2004 is in a great place:

Chateau Cantenac Brown 2004, Margaux, Bordeaux (Fine & Rare £33.00)
When I decanted I was greeted with a wonderful waft of blackcurrant cassis, 7 hours (and 29 euro-pop “classics”) later the cassis is still there but far more sedate and complemented with violets and sweet vanilla spice. Plenty of fruit on the palate and very precise acidity, perfectly balanced by smooth tannins. It’s velvety and in great balance right now. Delicious, reassuringly and elegantly recognisable as Margaux. 93 points

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  1. Zoe Williams


    What wine should I buy to endure / cope / numb myself when the relatives for Ffions birthday

    White mostly and red

    Over to you ….

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