It looks like Twitter has done it again. What started with a simple tweet has grown into a monster of an idea… one that we’d love you all to get involved with:

In response to my 2014 Grape Expectations post, Mike from pleasebringmemywine.com sent a tweet, outlining his plan to try a new wine every week in 2014 and asked for a suggestion to kick it off. I responded without giving it a great deal of thought (suggesting an Aussie Riesling with a Chinese takeaway) but then I began to get very excited about the idea.

I thought it would be great to get involved; maybe we could drink the same wines and compare notes. However, after a few direct messages and emails, we came up with the idea for the #newwinethisweek.

It will work like this:

  • Every Monday we will issue the wine for the week via Twitter
  • Each wine will be readily available from a supermarket or Majestic
  • If you’re in, buy the wine and drink it
  • Tweet a short review using the hashtag #newwinethisweek or put a comment in the section below
  • I will set up a page on confessionsofawinegeek.com where you can give the wine a score (a simple 1-10 scale) so we can track the best wines of 2014
  • We will aim to cover as many different countries and as many different grape varieties during the year
  • Suggestions for subsequent weeks will be most welcome

We will send out details of the first #newwinethisweek on Monday – all of the wines and polls will be available on the #newwinethisweek page above.

I hope this sounds like something of interest – if it is then sign up and get your friends and family on-board; let’s learn about new wines together in 2014.




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  1. Excellent idea, count me in! (Once dry January has finished!)

  2. michellewhelan2277

    Count me in. I’ll actually learn something about wine!

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