A new visual identity for #newwinethisweek

Thank you so much to Zelda, who publishes the magnificent and most original wine blog, The Illustrated Wine, for agreeing to develop a new identity for the #newwinethisweek project. After a series of Twitter conversions and a few email exchanges, she has brilliantly captured everything we are trying to achieve with #newwinethisweek :

1. Variety

2. Originality

3. Surprise

4. Participation

5. Fun!

Please make the effort to visit Zelda’s site and look through her back-catalogue… It’s genius!

So here is our new identity and will adorn the #newwinethisweek page for the rest of the year – thank you so much!


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  1. Thanks! …and happy to be a part of something really fun #newwinethisweek! I love what you’re doing. And I can always ‘switch it up’ and change the words that match the letters…

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