#newwinethisweek – Week 4 Barbera, Piedmont

Everyone loves an Italian red don’t they? But Italian reds are very popular already so why on earth would Mike from www.pleasebringmemywine.com decide to plump for one in week 4 of #newwinethisweek?

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When we scour the supermarket shelves we find plenty of Chianti (made using between 75% and 100% Sangiovese grapes), Nero D’Avola (a grape that is indigenous to Sicilly), and a smattering of Montepulciano from the Abruzzo region (don’t confuse with Vino Nobile de Montepulciano – but that’s for another day!). If you’ve got a few more pennies in your purse, you may even be heading to Piedmont for the wonderful Barolos and Barbarescos made from the ever so aristocratic Nebbiolo…. But look a little harder and there are some bargains to be found in Piedmont…

… One of those Piedmont pleasures is the delightful Barbera, Mike’s excellent selection for week 4.

Most Italian reds often show at their best with food, many of them having a big tannic structure; Barbera is different. This is a grape with delicious and mouth-watering acidity and very gentle tannins. Wines under £10 level are bright, fresh and designed to be drunk young; perky red cherries, raspberries and just a touch of gentle sweet spice; the more expensive versions need up to 5 years to allow their complexity to properly unfold. Look for wines from the sub-regions of Alba (Barbera d’Alba) and Asti (Barbera d’Asti) and you will be very happy winos this week!

The voting will take place on pleasebringmemywine.com again this week – click on the link below to cast your vote.


Here are a few suggestions from me, the only one I’ve tried is the Michele Chiarlo from Wine & The Vine – it is delightful. I’ve already bought my bottle from M&S to celebrate Wine Wednesday!

Villa Taurini Barbera 2012 (Tesco £5.99)

Araldica Barbera D’Asti 2011 (The Wine Society £6.25)

M&S Barbera d’Asti 2011 (M&S £8.49)

Araldica Barbera D’Asti Superiore 2011 (Waitrose £8.99)

Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti 2010 (Wine & the Vine £12.85)

Cheers and enjoy… and don’t forget to vote!

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  1. im a great fan of #Barbera D’Alba or D’Asti… is a great grape and sometimes can be an amazing wine like Braida Winery. they make two amazing Barbera D’Asti … 1 Ai Suma 2 Bricco dell Uccellone…. if you have a chance two try them do it..


  2. Thanks, I’m always interested in trying recommended wines that are new to me.

  3. I picked up a bottle of M&S Barbera D’Asti to enjoy for Wine Wednesday and reckon it will become a #winewednesday staple!

    Quite an intense nose of sour red cherries and violets with just a tiny hint of sweet vanilla – nicely intense and highly enticing. Delightfully light on the palate with the sour red cherries and slight bitterness of cranberries shining through. Very bright acidity and just enough tannin to make it interesting. The finish isn’t particularly long but it isn’t an expensive treat; highly enjoyable midweek wine in my book.

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