#newwinethisweek week 6 – Touriga Nacional, Portugal


There is so much more to Portugal than the wonderful beaches and seafood of the Algarve, and one of the standout features is the wine. Portugal is one of the oldest wine producing nations and although the country is rightly world famous for it’s fortified gem Port, there has been a revolution over the past couple of decades in the production of “table” wines (well I don’t know what else to call them!).

Portuguese winemaking is a wonderful fusion of traditional techniques and modern technology, but the real trump cards are the plethora of indigenous and interesting grape varieties grown in the stunning vineyards throughout the country. One of these grapes is Touriga Nacional. Touriga Nacional is considered to be the most desirable grape for Port production but it’s the red table wines that we are interested in this week. The grape produces rich, firm wines with flavours of blackberries and raspberries, but what really stands out are the herby and violet notes, which can make for wonderfully aromatic and complex wines.

Although Touriga Nacional is grown throughout the country, the two high quality regions to look out for are Douro in the northeast of the country (home of Port) and Dao, a little further south. The Tejo region, further southwest, is also gaining in reputation as a good value source. Although there are plenty of examples of single variety Touriga Nacional, more often that not it is the major grape in a blend. In the Douro it will be skilfully blended with Touriga Finca and Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo), while in Dao you may well find it partnered with Alfroncheiro or Jaen. There is also an increasing amount of international varieties being planted in Portugal so don’t be surprised to see a proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon on Syrah in the blend.

So enough talking and onto this week’s recommendations Mike from www.pleasebringmemywine.com will follow up with some selections of his own in due course!):

Tesco Finest Touriga Nacional 2011, Tejo, Portugal (Tesco £7.99 – on offer at £5.99 until 24/02/14)

Waitrose Douro Valley Reserva 2010, Douro, Portugal  (Waitrose £11.49)

M&S Touriga Nacional 2009, Tejo, Portugal (M&S £7.99)

Adega de Pegoes Touriga Nacional 2011, Setubal, Portugal (Wine & The Vine £11.49)

Quinta da Falorca E-Falorca 2008, Dao, Portugal (Roberson £13.95)

Don’t forget to tell us what you think by giving Touriga Nacional a score out of 10 and leaving your tasting notes in the comments section. Where will Touriga Nacional end up on the #newwinethisweek leaderboard?

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  1. Reblogged this on Please Bring Me My Wine and commented:
    Ant throwing out the Touriga Nacional this week, as we return from the new world whites back to old world reds, looking forward to the food pairing already!

  2. Mmmm, must give a couple of these a try, My first real encounter with Potuguese wine was this last summer when i discovered the delights of Vinho Verde.

  3. I really am loving #newwinethisweek! It’s been a hell of a day at work but there at the end if it all was a bottle of Adega de Pegoes Touriga Nacional 2011, Setubal, Portugal (Wine & The Vine £11.49):

    Aromas of ripe black cherries, blackberries and chocolate, that carries beautifully onto the palate. The blackberry fruit is forthright but there is plenty of spicy pepper and violet notes to give the wine some real interest. On entry the texture us silky smooth with a lovely chocolaty feel, then the ripe tannins take a hold and provide an interesting and long finish. A very interesting and enjoyable wine. 7.5/10

    Can’t wait for next week!

  4. That time of the week again!
    Luckily, I was just in the middle of placing an order with Roberson Wine when Anthony posted this week’s choice, so a perfect opportunity to steer away from the supermarkets for a change.
    I added a bottle of Roberson’s Quinta da Falorca 2008 to my order and got the 15% case discount so it cost £11.85 in the end.
    Touriga-Nacional is the main varierty in the blend of 5 grapes along with Rufete, Jaen, Alfrocheiro and Tinto-Roriz.

    It has deep intensity with pure purple colour. The aromas are pronounced, rather fresh with vivid red cherry fruits-extremely promising.
    The palate is actually quite disappointing and one dimensional-The hit of acidity or tack of tannin never fully materialises and leaves you yearning for something-anything to get your adjectives flowing.
    The deep red cherry is still evident and the length is medium so not a complete blank but not as commendable as hoped.

    Oh well, you can’t win them all!
    An adequate 6/10-now on to the Valentines fizz and home made paella-things can only get better!

    • The 07 had a bit more grip and edge by the sound of it – thanks for sharing and hopefully the next recommendations will work out a bit better! I really enjoyed my bottle from Jez – not as meaty as I was expecting but plenty going on.

  5. Glad to take part.
    I’m due a trip up to see Jez again soon myself, he was waiting for a big delivery so hopefully the shelves are full of new delights!

  6. I had the Quinta dos Roques from Oddbins (£12.25). I can see now why port needs time to develop! The wine, even having had a few years to develop, was very tannic. It has nice aromas of plums or damsons, with secondary notes of leather and was full bodied. I couldn’t believe that it was only 13.5% – as it seemed higher. I would like to try a similar wine but with five further years development to see how it softens. I did like the wine, but it needed a careful food match (a rich lasagne did the trick!)

    Great selection guys – glad to have tried this one, I certainly feel I know more about it now and would choose it again!

  7. Right lads and lasses, well I managed to have a good few different Touriga Nacionals this week. I love the big body on them all, but more so the ones that have had the new oak treatment, with the leather, and sometimes mocha tastes.

    Agree with Tim that the tannins sometimes were a bit much, but we kind of expected that I guess.

    I’m not 100% convinced it goes on my favourites of all time, but definitely one to bear in mind for the “nice to know about” category to be had once in a blue moon.

    Wil release next week’s during the day tomorrow.

    Thanks for being involved guys

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