#newwinethisweek Week 26 – Rosado, Spain

Mike slipped Cava in at the last minute last week to fit in with his trip to Barca but we make no apologies for staying in Spain and introducing our first rosé of #newwinethisweek… it’s time to get to know Spanish Rosado and let’s hope the sun stays out… and Mike stays in the shade… he’s a ginge you know!

Rosado pic

Rosé is a girly drink right? I must admit I used to be of that persuasion… but I have grown up over the past couple of years and now I love the stuff! Once the sun starts to shine I just can’t enough of it; wines from Provence, Tavel and The Loire top my list but there is some lovely rosé coming out of Italy, Spain, Portugal and the New World (I’ve had some great stuff from Chile recently).

This week on #newwinethisweek our focus is on Spanish rosé, or Rosado as they call it. The wines are usually made with Grenache, one of the famous grapes of Priorat, or Tempranillo, the kingpin of Rioja. Navarra, just north of Rioja, is the home to some of the best Rosado wines of Spain, made primarily with Grenache, although Graciano, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carignan are all permitted in the DO.

Spanish Rosado is usually made in a dry style, but is also bright and fruity. The dryness means it goes well with salty and savoury food but that delicious fruit character also means it can be enjoyed with nothing more than the sun shining on your face. Expect aromas and flavours of fresh red fruits – strawberry, cranberry, red cherry and red currants, and a wonderful vibrant, almost sherbet-like finish.

All that’s left for you to do is to buy a bottle, get it well chilled and enjoy our first rosé of the year… before the rain comes back! Here are a couple of picks from the supermarket shelves and beyond, and don’t forget to give a score and leave a review.

Gran Familia Las Primas Rosado 2013, La Mancha (Tesco £8.99)

Finest Rioja Rosado 2013, Rioja (Tesco £7.99)

Marquesa de la Cruz Garnacha Rosé 2012, Campo de Borja (Waitrose £7.99)

Torres Viña Sol Rosé 2013, Catalunya (Waitrose £6.99)

Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosado 2012, Rioja (Waitrose £8.99)

Raso de la Cruz Rosé 2013, Carineña (M&S £6.99)

La Sabrosita Rosado 2012, Navarra (M&S £7.99)

Ochoa Lagrima Rosé 2012, Navarra (Wine and the Vine £9.25)





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  1. Reblogged this on Please Bring Me My Wine and commented:
    Cheers for the ginger shout-out Ant!

  2. I always thought Rose`was a sweet wine and learned differently. Thank you for your review!

  3. johncstevens

    Firstly, before I get into the poncey stuff, big congratulations to the 2 Guys for hitting the half year anniversary of #newwinethisweek. I don’t mind admitting it’s been a revelation for me trying out so many different varieties; along with many others I’m sure, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so keep up the good work guys! (Maybe an excuse for a party at Sager & Wilde when you hit the big 1st birthday?!!)

    It couldn’t be better timing for tasting this week’s chilled pink beauty from Spain; the hottest day of the year so far and the barbie is going full tilt! (No Gingerist comments please Ant-the factor 50 boys will be fighting back soon!) The Rosado will be a great aperitif before the big guns come out to match my meaty burnt offerings.

    Tesco was the destination this week, and the selection of Spanish Rosado was vast to say the least. I opted for the 2013 Finest Vina Mara Rioja Rosado for £5.99, purely on the back label description. (Note to Tesco Wine-an interesting, well written label is often the deciding factor for buyers!)

    I love finding out about the producers whom the supermarkets use for their top end ranges, and Bodegas Eguia from the Rioja Alavesa heartland is responsible here. This winery has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years following its sale by drinks giant Pernod Ricard to famous Rioja producer Julian Murua. The Murua family is synonymous with honest and great value wines so this Rosado has plenty of promise.

    I’m not sure whether this is typical of Tempranillo Rosado, but the appearance is actually more deep salmon rather than the usual Provence light pink.
    The nose is sharp and pronounced with what smells like a punnet full of strawberries jumping out of the glass. None of the expected floral aromas here-it’s just all full on red summer fruits. I’d love a second opinion on this but I swear I can detect some secondary petrol aromas too? I’ve had this on white Rioja before so perhaps it’s possible.

    The palate is exactly what you’d expect from an under extracted Crianza. There’s the immediate whack of luscious strawberries there but with quite a full bodied mouth feel also. Definitely more at the big bodied end of the Rosé spectrum. Acidity was distinctly lacking unfortunately so it’s difficult to get too excited, a crying shame really as the nose promised so much!

    I was hoping it would be a great match for my barbequed halloumi, but unfortunately it lacked the acidity needed to cut across the singed, salty, cheesy delights.

    A sun-burnt 6.5/10

  4. I went to visit my favourite wine merchant, Wine and the Viine, to find any Spanish rosado for this week and Jez pointed me towards a Garnacha from the Camp de Borja region in northeast Spain.

    The Gran Tesoro 2011 is a highly coloured rosé, salmon going towards orange and the aromas are big and bold too. Ripe strawberries and even a touch of dry cherry jump out of the lass along with a savoury herbal note; very attractive and very enticing. This is a wine with good body – certainly not a rosé for the faint- hearted. There is plenty of structure but retains the elegance of the red fruit. Its robust but keeps a delicate edge – certainly one for those who don’t think they like the pink (/orange!) stuff. I think I might drink a fair amount if this over the summer… Especially at £6.99 a pop! 8/10

    And Mike – I had it with roast chicken and cpus cpus with roasted red peppers, pine nuts and parsley!

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