#newwinethisweek Week 42 is #nowinethisweek!

It’s Mike’s pick this week and he’s gone for… hang on, can this be right? Week 42 is non-alcoholic drink week!!


Non alcohol

I’m actually really glad about this choice, not for my benefit obviously, but for the benefit of those who choose not to, or cannot drink alcoholic drinks. Be it religious beliefs, pregnancy, illness or just plain choice, it can make going to social gatherings a little awkward for both host and guest. I know from experience that when I plan a dinner party and The Fish asks “what have you got for the non-drinkers?” I just shrug my shoulders and ask what we have in the fridge!

My sister isn’t a great drinker, but she loves a glass of Schloer; one time she was around she gargled, pontificated and came up with a very eloquent tasting note. The next time she came around I bought 2 bottles so she could compare! But far too often, the options for our non-drinking friends are Coke, orange juice or water. So let’s have a look at a few of the options out there.

Non-alcoholic wine – I’m not sure about this one. It feels like too much of a compromise; if you’re not into booze then go for something that was designed to be booze-free! It’s a bit like when I was a vegetarian and lived on veggie-sausage sandwiches… It’s OK, I’m fully recovered these days!

Carbonate soft drinks – I mean Coke and 7up, or even worse, their “diet” counterparts. Drinks from my childhood but these days only to be consumed with fish & chips or a burger & fries!

Fruit Juice – I can dig that with breakfast or in my cheap fizz on Christmas morning! There are some very good fruit juices out there these days and these are a very god option.

Water – what are your views on bottled water? I buy the stuff but really don’t know why; surely the stuff that comes from the tap can’t be that bad… and if you’re really worried just buy a filter! And don’t get me started on fizzy water!

Mocktails – why not go the whol hog and create something bold and beautiful… with umbrellas and everything! Check out some recipes here.

So there; I’ve proved how little I know about drinks that aren’t wine, so this week all of the recommendations come from my sister Haylo, and her other half, Zar… go on, give them a go! I will… but I’ve also got my eye on a bottle of German Riesling for Friday night!

Haylo & Zar - my non-alcoholic consultants!

Haylo & Zar – my non-alcoholic consultants!

Belvoir Redsug Eldflower Presse 750ml (Tesco £2.25)

Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade 750ml (Waitrose £1.52 was £2.29)

Bottlegreen Cox Apple Presse 750ml (Tesco £2.39)

Bottlegreen Elderflower Presse 750ml (Waitrose £2.39)

Schloer Red Grape Sparkling 750ml (Waitrose £2.25)




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