What will represent “C” in the #newwinethisweek alphabet?


It’s on to the letter ‘C’ in the #newwinethisweek alphabet and it’s your turn to vote for which of the contenders you would most like to learn about and, more importantly, consume over the next week or so.

As usual the vote for which grape or region will take place over on pleasbringmemywine.com but here are a few pointers from me. This week I have listed them in my favoured order of preference!


1. CataloniaCatalonia

This was the selection I put forward for ‘C’; Catalonia offers something for everyone and is one of the most exciting wine producing regions in the wine world right now. There are 11 individual DOs (Denominación de Origen) in Cataolonia and the Catalynia DO was Spain’s first regional demarcation, making a total of 12 DOs in all to choose from. There are the powerful reds of Priorat (one of only two DOQs – the other being Rioja) and Monsant, the array of white grapes found in Penedes, or of course, the sparkles on Cava


2. Cahors


“I don’t like Malbec”. You may have read these words on these pages in the past; this isn’t strictly true. I find the “black” wines of Cahors truly mesmeric… and they are made with… you guessed it, Malbec. The grape is more commonly referred to as Cot in this appellation about 70 miles north of Tolouse in Southwest France. You may have to work a little harder to find a bottle but it will certainly be worth it… provided it is at least (and I mean at least!) 5 years old.


3. Chasselas


I would love to suggest everyone votes for Chasselas… but I’m not sure where you’re going to find it if truth be told. Even many of the funky independent wine merchants will give you a funny look when you ask about this little Swiss number. The grape actually produces a delicious full, dry and fruity white wine that is the perfect match for fondue… so next time you’re off skiing you know what to ask for. I also read with some interest that Michel Chapoutier has stated that he is looking for a vineyard in England, which would be planted with Chasselas, as he believes the English climate and terroir are perfect for this little-know white grape… watch this space…


4. Carmenere


I love this stuff; some of the most exciting wines coming from Chile are made using this rich and fragrant red grape. The problem is, we did cover it last year in Week 2 of #newwinethisweek, and isn’t #newwinethisweek also about learning about new wines and regions?


5. Cava


Another one from last year! Remember Week 25? But don’t worry if this is your thing… just vote for Catalonia and you’ll get to drink it again anyway!


Whatever you decide to go for, it will certainly be another fun and interesting week on #newwinethisweek.

Click here to cast your vote



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