#newwinethisweek Week 7 – Gewürztraminer, Alsace

Its week 7 of #newwinethisweek and it looks like Mike from pleasebringmemywine.com has decided there hasn’t been enough controversy…. This week’s selection is sure to divide opinion… Gewürztraminer from Alsace.

Beautiful Alsace

Beautiful Alsace

I’m not saying that Gewürztraminer is a Marmite wine (many would!), simply because, well I “quite” like it. The biggest problem I have with Gewurz is the initial impression; exotic is the only word do describe the aromas… lychees, roses, ginger and Turkish delight are all common descriptors for this intriguing white wine (made from pink grapes). My honest thoughts are there is just a bit too much going on and it can smell a bit like a op drawer, if you know what I mean!!

Pink Gewürztraminer grapes

Pink Gewürztraminer grapes

I did have a bit of a eureka moment with Gewürz a few weeks ago when I attended an Alsace tasting – the grape’s home turf. The Grand Cru from Schlumberger may cost £27 from Fortnum & Mason but it’s the first time a Gewürz made me go wow. So this week I have got myself a pair of wines from Cave du Turckheim, one of the most respected co-operatives in the wine world, to look at the difference between their entry level wine (£10) and their Grand Cru offering (£18)

Cave de Turckheim

Cave de Turckheim

There are also plenty of recommendations under £10… only just!

Finest Gewürztraminer 2008, Alsace, France (Tesco £7.99 

Cave de Turckheim Gewürztraminer 2011, Alsace, France (Waitrose £9.99)

M&S Vin D’Alsace Gewürztraminer 2012, Alsace, France (M&S £9.99 – also produced by Cave de Turckheim)

Cave de Turckheim Gewürztraminer Brand Grand Cru 2010, Alsace, France (Wine & The Vine £17.55)

The common thought is that Gewürztraminer is one of the best wine pairings for spicy curries and Chinese food – I’m gong to give it a go with chicken fajitas! So get yourself a bottle and don’t forget to give it a score and tell us what you think –this week’s vote will take place on Mike’s blog, where you will slso find his recommendations from Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Majestic:


Cheers and enjoy!

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  1. Right then… Unfortunately even the Chicken fajitas couldn’t save this one… And I’m a big, big fan of Cave de Turckheim wines…

    Cave de Turckheim Gewürztraminer 2011

    Exotic and floral aromas with some tropical fruit and a dash if lime but its the cardamom and ginger that really jump out if the glass – more of a perfume than a wine! A touch of sweetness on entry some peachy fruit but also that warm spice and warm alcohol. There’s just too much going on for me and none of it quite fits together unfortunately. 5/10 (feeling kind)

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