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Hi Winos

There’s plenty of wine-stuff in this week’s newsletter so you better make the most of it… because this weekend it’s Bangers & Smashed. What is Bangers & Smashed I hear you say; well its our annual beer and sausage festival, our very own Eurovision! So wish me luck and remind yourself what happened last year…

Wine flu

New post

Last week I visited a brilliant Cava bar in central London… you’ve gotta go!



We’ve been neglecting the big red wine fans recently, so Chilean Merlot is dedicated to you hardy bunch!

Reading glasses

Supermarket deals

There was very little inspiration on the supermarket shelves this week but I’ve picked out a couple from all the big retail powerhouses:

Plantagenet The Lioness Pinot Noir 2011, Western Australia (Tesco £10.99 was £12.99)

Finest Pouilly Fume 2011, Loire Valley (Tesco £9.99 was £11.99)

Taste the Difference Priorat 2010, Priorat, Spain (Sainsbury’s £8.50 was £11.00)

Elegant Frog Viognier 2012, Languedoc, France (Sainsbury’s £6.56 was £8.75)

M Signature Garnacha 2012, Navarra, Spain (Morrisons £5.99 was £7.99)

Vina Maipo Vitral Chardonnay 2012, Casablanca/Limari, Chile (Morrisons £5.99 was £8.99)|

Cellier des Dauphins Cru des Cotes du Rhone Vinsobres 2012, Rhone (Asda £7.00 was £10.50)

Extra Special Fiano 2012, Sicily, Italy (Asda £5.00 was £7.50)

Dr L Grey Slate Riesling Private Reserve 2013, Mosel, Germany (Waitrose £7.49 was £9.99)

First Press Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Napa Valley, California (Waitrose £14.39 was £17.99)


Wine in the news

Plenty of interesting stuff in the world of wine this week:


9 wine myths that need quashing!


Tim Atkin classifies South Africa all by himself:


Australian wine; good or bad… discuss…


Screw-caps as popular as cork:


Hail now ravages Languedoc too… so sad


And TC’s weekend wine press round-up:

Milk carton

Light relief

Do I, don’t I? Well I have… blame my Dad!

A mother and father take their 6-year old son to a nudist beach.

As the boy walks along the sand, he notices that many of the women have boobs bigger than his mother’s, so he goes back to ask her why.

She tells her son, ‘The bigger they are, the sillier the lady is.’

The boy, pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger things than his dad does.

She replies, ‘The bigger they are, the dumber the man is.’

Again satisfied with her answer, the boy goes back to the ocean to play.

Shortly thereafter, the boy returns and promptly tells his mother,

‘Daddy is talking to the silliest lady on the beach, and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets.’

Just 1 glass

The boring stuff

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Cheers & enjoy

Wine Geek





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